Episode 25

Master Chem a harpy named Scarrella, who get a flute t
3-22-2013 3-37-26 PM

Cal portrayed as a 'hero'

o control of spellbinders familiar, so she can open a portal to let harpys to earth to celebrait their race creation.

Meanwhile, Cal wants to prove Sparrow he can be heroic with only strength and brain, and not magic.


3-22-2013 3-13-39 PM

Scarrella using the magic flute.

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3-22-2013 3-11-53 PM

Fabrice and Fafnir playing volleyball.

3-22-2013 3-36-55 PM

Hologram message from the Beta Team: Fabrice, Fafnir, Robin

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3-22-2013 3-37-26 PM

Cal portrayed as a 'hero'