As the title states, she is the daughter of Aquaphonis. Like her mother, she is mute and is defenseless against the main predator of mermaids- the Orcas.

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Aquaphonis and her mute daughter.

n the Silent Siren, she and her mother snuck off of Otherworld to Rosemond with the intention of getting voices for themselves. While her mother stole Madney Speer and Tara's voices, she hid underwater in an abandoned submarine.

The mother

When Tara and Cal manage to corner Aquaphonis in the submarine and turn her into a whale, she comes out to defend her mother. Aquaphonis pleads with Tara and Cal to not harm her [daughter].

At the end of the episode, Aquaphonis explains her actions to the Alpha Team on a boat while holding her on her lap. Master Chem agrees to give them both a voice and takes them back to Otherworld. They do not return again.


She has the typical red-hair and grey-eyes as the majority of mermaids in Tara Duncan do. She is solemn and appears to be slightly afraid during her appearance in the episode. Notably, she is a lot tanner than most mermaids, having  an entirely different pigment from her own mother.


  • She is the only chlid mermaid in the series.
  • She is the only tan mermaid.
  • She is the only mermaid with a multicolored top.
  • She was formerly one of the two mute mermaids in the series, though technically Aquaphonis does not count because Aquaphonis is able to speak during the episode.
  • She is technically an "antagonist" of the episode, but she does not do anything bad or immoral. However, she is still more of a minor character.
  • She is one of the two mermaids in Tara Duncan that are not named.
  • She only makes a cameo in the Silent Siren and does not appear in any other episodes, as she has no reason to leave Otherworld.
  • We don't know who is her father. 
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