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Baron Boris Burogoff

A very clever and evil vampyre who fought Isabella many years ago and clearly lost a bitter defeat. He plans to use her to let vampyres through the transfer portals to Rosemond. He will then lead the vampyres in their invasion of earth and ultimately rule over both earth and Otherworld. He kidnaps Mr. Spade in order to get his assistance in seducing Isabella.

Baron Boris Burogoff appears in the episode Cyrano Of Otherworld.


Baron is an elderly vampyre that surprisingly does not have pale white skin like the others. He has a very human like appearance, not even having fangs or pointy ears.




  • He looks like a parody of Dracula, Due to his charismatic nature and his cape. 
  • His "lair" of sorts is a blimp flying over Rosemond.
  • He has mist always surrounding him.



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