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Bloodgraves are the devoted followers of Magister, the archenemy of the young Tara Duncan, who is their leader. They are known as the "gray Spellbinders" due to always donning gray Spellbinder robes as opposed to dark blue or purple.

Centuries ago on Otherworld, a large group of ancient spellbinders had a male spellbinder named Bloograve as one of its topmost spellbinders, but who ultimately defected and started his own magic association with his last name as what his deluded and devoted supporters were called to this day.

Magical Abilities[]

They are immensely strong top-level Spellbinders expertise in dark magics and spells, like their master. Their masks change color reflecting their current moods.


Book One: The Spellbinders[]

  • A Midsummer Night's Scream (debut appearances)
  • The Familiar
  • In the Bloodgraves' Lair
  • All's Well That Ends Well, Sort of

Book Two: The Forbidden Book[]

  • Captured!
  • The Ravager of Souls
  • The White Soul
  • The Ravager Revealed
  • Trapping a Spellbinder

Book Three: The Cursed Scepter[]

  • TBD

Book Six: In Magister's Trap[]

  • TBD

Book Twelve: The Final Battle[]

  • TBD