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The Alpha Team

Tara Duncan

The Alpha Team. Left to Right: Sparrow, Cal, Tara

Tara Duncan-a 17-year old who is outgoing, clever, and a bit stubborn. She was born on earth, but is still a powerful spellbinder, nonetheless. She is the main character of t

The Alpha Team: Cal, Tara and Sparrow

he series. She is sporty, playing basketball and volleyball. She is the number one fangirl of Madney Speers (as stated by Cal in "Silent Siren "), but is tone deaf.

"I know that girl! I know that Tara couldn't hold a tune even if it had a handle!"

-Sandra, about Tara's voice.

Tara is also the leader of Alpha Team, though it is not clear until Robin states that he is Cal's superior since Tara is sick. Tara is constantly trying to balance her non spell and spellbinder life, a task that often annoys he r grandmother, Isabella.


Sparrow -a 17-year old female spellbinder who is smart, shy, and friendly. She is known as the most intelligent of the Alpha Team with an IQ of 117. However, in "Four Parchments", Cal is shown to be smarter than her, as he scores a 142 on the IQ test despite not finishing the last two questions. In the episode the four parchments, Serena traps Cal, Fafnir, Sparrow, and Tara in a spell-proof cage. Serena calls them fools and of course the hilarious Cal said:

"You calling us fools? That's hilarious. Whats your IQ?"-Cal, on Serena's plan

Sparrow is Tara's best friend, and is usually the mediator between Cal and Tara whenever they arg


ue. In the series, she runs a pet shop.

Cal -a 17-year male spellbinder from Otherworld who is smart-witted and handsome. His full name is Caliban Dal Salan, and he is called the "Master Thief" by himself and Semchanachs. He is goofy and can usually be counted on to mess up non-spell sayings. He gets into arguments with Tara at times, but always makes up with her. He is also a ladies man, and is often pursuing or trying to flirt with a girl (whether nonspell, Semchanach, or spellbinder) Whenever Alpha Team needs a vehicle, he pulls out a toy and brings it to their size.

The Beta Team

Hologram message from the Beta Team: Fabrice, Fafnir, Robin

The Beta Team

Robin, as he appears in the episodes

Robin- an half elf who always appears to be a possible love interest of Tara in any episode he is in. He has what appears to be grey eyes and has grey hair. Sandra and Livia see him in one episode and call him a "cute magician". Notably, he has a rivalry with Cal (though it looks to be one-sided on Cal's part at times). He is extremely talented with magic, but uses an enchanted bow and arrow on some occasions. He is also the leader of the Beta Team and also the understudy of the Alpha Team.


Fafnir - a lower status princess (or more specifially, the heir to a tribe) who refuses to use magic or have magic used on her, as she (and the rest of her race) considers it "stupid". She prefers to use her brute strength instead, as she deems it more reliable. Ironically, she is a pretty powerful spellbinder with extreme talent in strength in magic. Magic also notably makes her break out into a rash; she claims that she is "allergic" to magic. However, she does secretly use it whenever the situation calls for it. Other than that, Fafnir will fight with her club. Fafnir is the shortest member of the Beta Team and the only female. Because of this, she is often picked on by Robin and Fabrice (they tease her over her "out-dated" way of fighting.)

As stated by Tara in "The Four Parchments", Fafnir often gets into arguments with her two teammates but always makes up with them afterwards. It is also revealed in that episode that Fafnir is homesick and wishes to leave permanently for Otherworld, similar to Cal in "Clairvoyant." Ultimately, she makes up with the Beta Team and decides to stay. Fafnir also has the magical ability to pass through walls, but because it is considered magic, she does not use it commonly. It is not stated what species she is, but is implied that she is dwarfic and comes from Hymlia of Otherworld.

She has reddish-orange hair pulled into two braids with a large silver ring holding them in place, and teal-green eyes. Her outfit consists of light grayish-green shortsleeve shirt with a red fur vest over it, two gold bracelets, reddish-brown pants, and brown calf-high boots. She is rarely seen with a club she keeps hidden under her vest. She is the most impulsive and stubborn of the Beta Team, being quick to use violence when there is an obstacle in her way.

Fabrice's human form

Fabrice- a half-wolf. He is the most recurring character out of the Beta Team. In his human form, Fabrice has shaggy blonde hair (same color as Tara's) and brown eyes. He wears a burgundy hoodie and jeans. He is compassionate (as he unwittingly helps Henri before he kidnaps him and later rescues Claire from the vampires) and is the most outgoing out of the Beta Team. Tara considers him her little brother, worrying over him when he first visits Rosemond. He has a "half-brother" who he is also pretty close to, named Lycos . Lycos is only related to him because he is the one who "turned" Fabrice.

Alpha Team and Beta Team from left to right.



Master Chem- The leader of both the Alpha and Beta team. He is also the dragon gate keeper of Otherworld.

Isabella- Tara's grandmother and guardian.

Manitou- Tara's great-grandfather who has accidentally turned himself into a dog. He is also the father of Isabella.

Lord Minster- a spellbinder who sought to take over Master Chem's position as presider over Alpha Team by framing Master Chem. He is a parody off of Winston Churchill. He is also fond of oatmeal, tea, and food that Cal refers to as "mush". He is also very bossy and assigns the "most excruciatingly boring" tasks to the Alpha Team in the one episode that he is in (though it is later revealed to have been a distraction so that the Alpha Team could not investigate the crime that Master Chem was accused of).    

Lord Minster


Lorelei- The antagonist of the episode Mer-made. She is also the childhood best friend of Cal.

Lorelei, as she appears in the television series and the novels based off of the television series.

Semchanachs as some have appeared in the show. Left to right: Aquaphonis (mermaid), Evendor (Elf), and Serena (Vampyre)

Serena- A vampyre out to get Tara. She has old ties with Tara's mother. Usually she has some evil plan to release all the other vampyres from Otherworld into Rosemund and rule the world. Apparently Master Chem has teleported her back so many times that she calls him her "darling Chem".

Amrod- a charm-collecting elf who becomes infatuated with Tara in "Guardian of My Heart". He serves as an antagonist in this episode, initially working with Henri in order to collect a powerful charm.

Tara and Serena


Slang for "humans" that creatures from Otherworld or spellbinders use.

Sandra Leylocke- A rich, bratty girl that hates Tara and calls her a witch.

Livia - Sandra's best friend who secretly (or rather, not so secretly) has an obsession with Cal.

Henri Del'uqas - A zookeeper who is out to reveal magic. He is the antagonist of most of the episodes he appears in; always trying to catch a magical creatures,

Sandra and Livia

The Cryista Brothers- Tara's basketball partners. They are the crushes of Sandra and Livia. Notably, they help Sandra and Livia alienate Tara in the pilot, but become friends with Tara afterwards and express an annoyance with Sandra and Livia. Their names are Jeremy and Jordan.

Edward- A friendly nonspell who has a mutual crush on Sparrow. He is also noted as an animal lover.

Madney Spear - a  pink-haired teen popstar who Tara adores.

Mr. Spade-  Tara's favorite English teacher who is infatuated with Isabella, often attempting to talk to her. Isabella is mutually attracted to him too.

Magical Creatures

Throughout the series, many strange and magical creatures have come to Rosemond. These creatures vary in appearence and are able to cast spells but also have their own unique powers and abilities.

Vampyres: Dark creatures that feed off the blood of humans. Vampyres look similar to humans but they have pale skin, red eyes and can fly with large bat wings.

Elves: Magical beings with pointy ears and skilled archers. Elves usually have a bright green glow. They have powers over plants and can heal themselves by using the energy in trees and their enchanted arrows can create plant life.

Werewolves: Humanoid wolves that can see magic, have stronger senses, greater speed, enhanced strenght and can turn non-spells and spellbinders into half-wolves.

Dwarfs: Short humanoids that have a hatred towards magic and often refuse to use it but they do have incredible strength and can go through walls.

Harpies: Female monsters with golden eyes, spikey hair, brown fur, talons, fangs and large black wings. Harpies can use their wings like cloaks. They do not have many magical powers acept their power to fly.

Mermaids: Beautiful, aquatic creatures, mermaids are all female with the upper bodies of lovely human women but have fish-like tails covered in blue-green scales. Mermaids dress in turquoise clothes when in human form and they have webbed hands in their true form. Their fins are either eel-like or triangular. Mermaids have strong powers over water. They can become water, shoot it and create waves. Mermaids fear orcas and they can communicate with sea creatures.