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Claire is a minor spellbinder character that appears in only one episode,Clairvoyant. She was thought to be a supporting character in the episode, but was revealed to be the episode's antagonist.

Claire, in the tv novels

Series Involvment

Claire is seen in the beginning, running from a group of vampyres. They corner her in an alley, but she is rescued by Fabrice in his human form. She smiles at him and thanks him gratefully, calling him a wizard. Fabrice casts a mentus on her and begins to walk away, only to stop when Claire asks him if he was just going to leave her there with the vampires still around. Evidently, the mentus didn't work on her. Unsure of what to do, Fabrice takes Claire to the Manor, where she "discovers" that she is a spellbinder.

She then proceeds to bond with Fabrice, Tara, and Sparrow while learning how to become a better spellbinder. Master Chem and Isabella believe that Claire must study on Otherworld and decided to send her with Cal as her tutor. Tara is angered by this, losing both of her friends, and sets out to capture the vampires that attacked Claire in the beginning to prove that Claire could learn on Earth as well.
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Claire and her familiar.

Cal finds out she is a old school mate of his from thief school. Her real name is Clara, who  didn`t have many friends and kept things to herself. She was also thrown out of school for not being good enough. Claire reveals her true colors, telling the others upon her attempt to escape to Otherworld that she is a thief "trying to hold her own with the best." She used the Team to steal the vampire gang's emblem, a scepter, for her Thieves Guild Initiation, also admit she never opinon to use them. Fabrice angrily catches her, and she is taken back to Otherworld with Chem.
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Claire's Familiar


Claire has short brown hair, light blue eyes, and fair skin. Her outfit consists of off-white t-shirt with an orange short-sleeved minijacket over it, brown fingerless wrist-length gloves, black capris, and light brownish green knee-high boots. Occasionally, she wears the Theives' magic cloak that allows her to become invisible. The necklace that is her owl familiar remains unworn, possibly hidden in one of her gloves.



Fabrice rescued Claire from the vampires, so she views him as her savior. Fabrice may have had a crush on her, as he risks himself again during the stakeout to save Claire. He also seemed rather hurt when Claire revealed herself to be a thief. There is also a possibility that Claire had a crush on him too, as she when she reveals herself, she states that she never meant to hurt them [Tara and Fabrice] or use them.

Tara Duncan  Throughout the episode, Tara bonds closely with Claire, believing her to be a girl just like her; not knowing that she was a spellbinder upon birth. When Cal casts suspicions on her, Tara is quick to defend her, though whether it was because of her bond with Claire or because she was stung that Cal was going to leave is unknown. Tara, just like Fabrice, got really upset when it is revealed that Claire was using them to steal the vampyre gang's emblem.


Claire and Cal were schoolmates back at their theif school in Otherworld. Claire was kicked out because she "wasn't very good" [According to Cal], a sharp contrast to Cal, who later became known as "The Master Thief". Cal had trouble remembering exactly who she was, but it is implied that Claire still remembered him, as she was extremely cautious around him.
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Cal, Claire, and the rest of their thief-school classmates.


  • Claire's familiar is an owl.
  • She used to go to the same thief school as Cal back on Otherworld, but was kicked out for being not so good.
  • When Claire was younger, she wore big glasses.
  • Her real name is Clara.
  • Claire is the only known female spellbinder thief.


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