Episode 15 of Tara Duncan

Season 1, Episode 15
Directed by Eric Bastier
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Claire, a Nonspell, turns up unannounced at the Manor and quickly becomes fast friends with Tara. But when Chem and Isabella discover she has magic powers and decide to send her to OtherWorld against her will, Tara decides to take matters into her own hands… and finds herself mixed up in an unexpected adventure!


Tara Duncan - Clairvoyant (FULL EPISODE 15)

Tara Duncan - Clairvoyant (FULL EPISODE 15)

Full Episode of Clairvoyant

It begins with Claire meeting Fabrice. He saves her from a group of vampyres, but gives her a mentus. However, she still remembers everything. It is found out that the girl is a Spellbinder, which she never knew either. She is took in by Tara and taught her magic until Master Chem tries to take her to Otherworld. Claire actually turned out to be a fraud, under the guise of an innocent little girl wanted to be closer to the Alpha Team to later steal the scepter. Cal, of course, knew from the beginning there was something wrong. It seemed to him that he had seen her somewhere. He was right, she attended with him to the same school. Unfortunately, no one listened to Cal, but in time they were able to stop Claire.


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