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Dragons are magical creatures who take the form of lizards with wings and are famed for their ability to breathe fire.

Description Edit

Dragons are large, powerful and intelligent creatures. They are as sentient as humans and just as smart. Portals are usually guarded by a dragon like Master Chem and his predecessor Master Chou. Most or all dragons live in caves with large spacious caverns.

Dragons have as varied personalities as humans but they all love gold. Dragons adore it and will horde massive amounts of treasure in their caverns. Dragons are very protective of their hordes and anyone who tries to steal even one coin from a dragon's treasury will face the creature's fury. While a dragon can safely gather treasure, too much treasure out in the open may cause the dragon to succumb to gold fever. No dragon is immune to this sickness which causes their greed and lust for gold to consume them and will lead them to steal from others. Gold fever also increases a dragon's anger and if their gold is taken, the dragon will stop at nothing to get it. Master Chem himself nearly destroyed the Alpha Team in order to get his gold.

Dragon Subspecies Edit

There are different types of dragons just like their are different species of dog and cat. Only three subspecies have been identified. Master Chem's, Master Chou's and Kouzu's species have never been identified.

Purple Dragons Edit

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As the name suggests, these dragons have purple-pink coloured scales and they emit an aura of the same colour. They live in caves in or near volcanoes. During volcanic eruptions they gain mana energy.

Bonzai Dragons Edit

Bonzai dragons are tiny, primitive dragons that are slightly bigger than a human hand. Dragons look down on them because of their lack of intelligence and magic. They are smart enough to be trained as pets and it is presumed that some are kept as pets in Otherworld. Only one has been seen and it bears a resemblance to Kouzu except for its scales and aura colour.

Swamp Dragons Edit

Next to nothing is known about swamp dragons beside the fact that they live in swamps. None are seen in the series except for a scale in Sparrow's dragon scale collection. They are green in colour.

Appearance Edit


Dragons are shaped like lizards with four legs, a tail, sharp teeth and skin covered in scales. Scales can range vastly in colour such as blue, black and grey. Scale colour sometimes distinguishes a dragon subspecies like purple dragons or green swamp dragons. Unlike lizards who crawl on their stomachs, dragons have strong legs which support them in a similar fashion to a dog, horse or cat. They apply more pressure to their hind legs and they lean on them more than their forelegs. Their legs end in claws and their forelegs also function as hands as well as feet. Dragons also have a pair of large, bat-like wings and horns. Dragons can possess mammalian characteristics like hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, beards and mustaches.

All dragons share these characteristics but they vary greatly in terms of scale, aura and eye colouring, horn design and even size. All dragons have long snouts but the shape of their noses, eyes, hair and their colours can be as varied as humans. Scales also come in a variety of hues, depending on species. Most dragons are larger than cars but some, like the bonzai dragon are small enough to fit in a human hand and some dragons have horns which sprout from where there eyebrows should be like Kouzu and Sparky. Dragons have strangely coloured scleras which are usually yellow, orange or red. Some have slit pupils like snakes and harpies.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Dragons can cast spells and some have the capacity to become very powerful spellbinders. Most dragons rely on their spell casting rather than their natural abilities.

Unlike a bat who glides, dragon wings are strong enough to grant flight. Dragons can fly as fast as planes. They also have enhanced senses and can track others via their scent, just like bloodhounds. A dragon's most famous ability is the power to breathe fire. Their jaws can generate enough heat to burn within seconds.

Known Dragons Edit

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