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Edward is a non-spell that makes a recurring appearance in Tara Duncan. He is a teen boy that appears to have the same interests as Sparrow, and is her main love interest.

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Edward warning Tara

He is also a classmate of Tara and appears to also be her friend. In one episode, he visits Sparrow's Pet Shop to warn Tara about their teacher inspecting the students at their jobs (Tara had no other options available, so she is assisting Sparrow at the Pet Shop). 

As the series progresses, he becomes the boyfriend of Sparrow.


Edward is blond and blue-eyed. He wears a white shirt with blue stripes and yellowish orange stars and is known to wear gray pants.

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Sparrow and Edward in Volcan Heart


He has a generally easygoing attitude and is usually approaching Sparrow or the other protagonists with a smile or a joke. He is noted to like werewolf movies and be against pet shows, as he believes it violates the animal's rights and dignity.

Role in Episodes.

Edward's first minor appearance was The Golden Scepter, in which Tara notes that Sparrow has behaving weird lately. Later in the episode,  Tara discovers that it is because Sparrow has finally broken out of her shell and is to go on a date with Edward. However, due to a spell cast by Nelos, Sparrow is stuck in her beast form, and Tara must pretend that she is walking an animal from the circus around. Among one of the spectators is Edward, who asks where Sparrow is and jokingly asks if the animal is her (in a costume).

In "Volcan Heart", he is only mentioned by a depressed Sparrow, who believed he may have forgotten about Valentine's Day. He appears at the end of the episode with a bouquet of roses, to which Sparrow giddily throws her arms around him and walks off with him.
Edward and Sparrow

Sparrow and Edward in the Volcan Heart

In "The Invincibility Cup ", he is firmly against Henri Del'uqas's dog show, forming a group called the SPPP to protest. He is upset when Sparrow attempts to cancel on him, hanging up before Sparrow could try to further convince him to not protest (as she is forced to go due to an Alpha Team mission). He angrily snaps at Tara and Cal when they show up at Henri's for the show (Cal, for polluting the environment with his motorcyle, and Tara, for bringing Manitou to compete). However, he becomes his usual self when he sees Sparrow at the dog show, believing her to have singlehandly brought
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Edward and Mr. Spade in "As If By Magic".

down the event. (this is due to everyone else but him forgetting about the show due to her powerful mentus that passed over him).

In "Assault on the Manor", he is the judge in their team game (Sparrow and the Twins vs. Tara, Sandra, and Livia). When Sparrow and Tara reveal that they're spell-binders, he appears to be fascinated and calls them awesome. He admires Sparrow's beast form and also mentions that he should've known that Sparrow was truly magical.

A running gag in the show is that it appears he knows of Sparrow's other form or sees her in her beast form, but always turns out to be blissfully unaware of Sparrow's curse.

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