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Elves are humanoid creatures who possess a strong connection to the earth and nature. Their pointy ears make them instantly recognizable.


Elves are a strict and proud race. They can be very cruel and many look down on other races. Most refuse relationships with other species as they believe their blood will weaken future generations of elves.

Physical Appearance[]

Elves look just like humans except for their ears which are pointed. They have the same colouring as humans but many have silver hair like Robin, Evendor and Krislac. Some like Amrod have sparkly pale gold scleras. Elves also emit a pale green aura. Half elves lack pointed ears and auras.

Elven Powers and Abilities[]

Elves are capable of becoming extremely powerful spellbinders. Krislac had so much magical power that he endangered the balance of Otherworld. Elves can magically teleport without making a sound, enabling them to sneak up on opponents.

Elf magic is connected to the earth element and flora. Elves can heal their wounds by touching trees but they must be in a place with a large quantity of vegetation. They are also skilled archers and often use arrows to channel their elven magic. Elves can summon their bows and arrows with only their thoughts. They can change one arrow into three and when an elf arrow hits the ground, it turns into leaves and vines strong enough to ensnare creatures as powerful as Sparrow in beast form;change into foliage and grow until it covers its target or create branches big enough to catch an elf.

Known Elves[]