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|Row 3 title = Hair Color:|Row 2 info = Dwarfic Spellbinder
|Row 3 title = Hair Color:|Row 2 info = Dwarfic Spellbinder
|Row 3 info = Reddish-Orange|Row 4 title = Eye Color:
|Row 3 info = Reddish-Orange|Row 4 title = Eye Color:
|Row 4 info = Teal-Green|image = Image:Fafneer 2.jpg}}
|Row 4 info = Teal-Green|image = Image:Fafneer 2.jpg|Row 5 title = Voice Actor:|Row 5 info = Tabitha St Germain}}
'''Fafnir Forgeafeux''' is a member of the Beta Team.
'''Fafnir Forgeafeux''' is a member of the Beta Team.

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Fafneer 2.jpg

Full Name:

Fafnir Forgeafeux


Dwarfic Spellbinder

Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Voice Actor:

Tabitha St Germain

Fafnir Forgeafeux is a member of the Beta Team.


A lower status princess (or more specifially, the heir to a tribe) who refuses to use magic or have magic used on her, as she (and the rest of her race) considers it "stupid". She prefers to use her brute strength instead, as she deems it more reliable. Ironically, she is a pretty powerful spellbinder with extreme talent and strength in magic.


She has a reddish-orange hair pulled into two braids, and teal-green eyes. She is the most impulsive and stubborn of the Beta Team, being quick to use violence when there is an obstacle in her way.


Fafnir and Cal

Magic also notably makes her break out into a rash; she claims that she is "allergic" to magic. However, she does secretly use it whenever the situation calls for it. Other than that, Fafnir will fight with her club. Fafnir is the shortest member of the Beta Team and the only female. Because of this, she is often picked on by Robin and Fabrice (they tease her over her "out-dated" way of fighting.)

As stated by Tara in "The 4 Parchments", Fafnir often gets into arguments with her two teammates but always makes up with them afterwards. It is also revealed in that episode that Fafnir is homesick and wishes to leave permanently for Otherworld, similar to Cal in "Clairvoyant." Ultimately, she makes up with the Beta Team and decides to stay.

Fafnir also has the magical ability to pass through walls, but because it is considered magic, she does not use it commonly. It is not stated what species she is, but is implied that she is dwarfic and comes from Hymlia of Otherworld.

Fafnir has an extreme distaste for mermaids, as she believes that "they constantly think that they're SO much better-looking than everyone else." She can recognize a mermaid's scent by their "salty sea water aroma".

Fabrice and Fafnir playing volleyball.



Fafnir is good friends with Robin and Fabrice. Together they make up the Beta Team. Their team is effective, and it should be noted that unlike the Alpha Team, they always attack with a battle plan.

The Beta Team: Robin, Fafnir and Fabrice


The two appear to generally get along, but there are times where their personalities clash. In "The 4 Parchments", Sparrow comments to herself that Fafnir was "like a bear with a sore paw."


  • Fafnir is the only girl on the Beta Team.
  • She is perhaps one of the strongest and most natural spellbinders, as she is able to cast numerous powerful spells in succession despite never practicing or honing her abilities.
  • Fafnir has a magical ability to pass through walls due to her species.
  • She is the only one who doesn't have a love interest.
  • In the book, she is known to have a long red beard which dwarves don't cut until they turn 100 years old.