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Harpies are a race of bird women from Otherworld. They are usually antagonists.


Most harpies are weak magical beings with barely any magical powers. Usually a single harpy isn't a threat, especially a young one but they can be cunning and clever like Nelos or Scarella. Most harpies in the series use schemes to get what their powers are not strong enough to do.

Harpies are quite nasty by nature. Even at a young age they are up to no good. The harpies seem to encourage bad behaviour. Kaala had a gang of adolescent harpies to help her and she was a fugitive. While they may not be necessarily evil, they are not the nicest of creatures. They even have a "Nastiest Harpy" competition. Not all harpies are wicked, like Antheos. Despite her lack of wickedness, she does have a few unscrupulous qualities like her greed and thieving habits.

Harpies were created on Earth and every 1000 years, they celebrate it. This is a dangerous time as the harpies always try to get to Earth to celebrate.


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One of the very few harpies who have irises

Harpies are humanoid creatures, meaning they have bodies and faces similar to humans. Probably because of them being created, the harpies all have an incredible resemblance to each other. They all have light brown, leathery looking skin and sharp, beak-like noses. Their ears are pointed like a bat's and they have fangs. A harpy's eyes are cat-like and a sparkling gold or golden orange colour while their pupils are red slits. Some, like Scarella have black pupils and irises. Instead of hands, harpies have four fingered claws and instead of feet, they have two toed talons with a smaller one on their heels. Harpies are covered in feathers like birds. Feathers are most prominent on their shoulders and to a lesser degree on their elbows and the backs of their knees. Only mature harpies get these thick clumps of plumage. Harpies have strange hair which sticks up in spikes and points and comes in a wide variety of colours including purples, reds, blacks and blues. They dress in light gown-like clothing which usually matches their "hair". Despite being half bird, harpies have deep grey-black wings which resemble a bat's. These wings are huge and are nearly as big as a harpy's or human's body. Though only Nelos displayed this quality, harpies gain a pale grey-white aura when in flight. Only Antheos displayed the ability to absorb her wings into her back like a vampire.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Harpies can cast spells. The harpies in the series are not particularly powerful spellbinders and they use their wit and schemes in the plots against Tara Duncan. They can't even cast a transformus to conceal their true forms. They can still be dangerous and a harpy with full strength can overpower a spellbinder with depleted energy, even a spellbinder as powerful as Isabella.

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The harpy's ancient bird call

Though bat-like in shape, a harpy's wings are much stronger, allowing her to fly with the speed and agility of a bird or vampire. Bats need to drop to gain flight but harpies can simply launch themselves into the air and fly. They are skilled enough in flight to evade a pegasus. Though not shown, their talons and claws can be used as weapons. Harpies also have an ancient bird call. They require a special flute to perform this ability. The flute's music has a siren song effect. The harpies can use the music to hypnotise and lure whoever she wishes to her including humans, magical creatures and familiars.

Known HarpiesEdit


  • Gold Fever
  • The Golden Scepter
  • Summer School
  • A Familiar Air
  • As if by Magic
  • Master Chem's Honour
  • Clairevoyant(cameo)
  • Alpha Male

Trivia Edit

  • Harpies borrow traits from both bats and birds like their leathery wings, pointed ears and feather covered bodies.
  • Harpies are the most common enemies the Alpha team encounters apart from individuals like Henry DelaChasse and Serena/Selenba.