Henry Delachasse
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A zookeeper who is out to reveal magic. He is the antagonist of most of the episodes he appears in; he is always trying to catch magical creatures.


Henry is a middle-aged man with orange hair and a beard. He has a bulky build, and brown eyes. He wears the same red-orange oxford shirt, vest, and khakis. In most scenes, he also has a pair of googles around his neck.


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Henri captures Fabrice

Henry is very determined to prove that Tara Duncan and her friends are not as normal as they seem. He often persistently follows them around in hopes that they'll lead him to his dream: magical creatures. It is unknown why he has an obsession with them, but more than anything, Henry wishes to capture these magnificent beasts and collect and tame them for himself.


  • Henry`s intention to catch magical creatures is more for the fame than the money. He is already known to be wealthy.
  • Henry is the only nonspell to have a mentus cast on him, but still know of Tara Duncan and her friends' magical activities.
  • Henry is known as a crackpot in Rosemond, as he is the only one to believe that creatures such as werewolves, mermaids, unicorns, and harpies exist.
  • Henri's schemes never involve revealing Tara and the Alpha Team as freaks, but rather capturing whatever magical creature they're with or up against.
  • Henry is the only nonspell character to actually be unafraid of semchanachs and actually collaborate with them on evil schemes.


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Henri captures Fabrice

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Henri Del'uqas

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