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Isabella Duncan



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Light Blonde

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Maama (deceased)


Isabella is Tara Duncan's grandmother and the owner of the Manor. She is very sophisticated and lady-like and is constantly trying to discipline her granddaughter. The two often clash as a result, but they do genuinely care for one another. She is the current legal guardian of Tara, as Isabella's daughter, Selena, is not in the series.


Isabella has light blond hair (the same color as Tara's strand of hair) and green eyes. She has thin eybrows and thin lips as well. She wears purple eyeshadow and has a beauty mark near her nose. Her style in clothing is "old", as her teenage version claims when rummaging through her closet.


In "Mirror of Youth", when she's turned 60 years younger, Isabella is revealed to have been a total brat in her teenage years. As a teenager, Isabella was extremely disobedient, vain, and selfish. However, teenage Isabella does give up her youth to return back to normal when she is needed to help defeat a Semchanach, proving that she can be helpful and serious (paving way to the current Isabella).

In "Assault on the Manor," it is revealed that "the Great Isabella Duncan" has stage fright despite her aspiration to give the best speech and get a standing ovation at the Conference.

In her prime spellbinder days, Isabella was extremely powerful and hunted down Semchanachs escaping through the portal by herself. In one episode, when dueling Master Chem, she is noted to be his equal in power, if not superior.
Isabella using magic


Tara D

Her granddaughter, Tara


The two often clash over Tara's responsibilites. Tara often prefers to do more fun activities, while Isabella insists on practicing her magic or actually having her work and responsibilities done. Notably, Isabella caves in at the end of most episodes, while Tara learns her lesson. The two are shown to actually care for each other very much.


Isabella views him as a petulant child at times, as he is always siding with Tara whenever the two argue. Chem and Isabella also have a different point of view on things, causing them to squabble frequently. Notably, Isabella is the more responsible of the two, but also the more stubborn and "naggy". The two are a formidable pair when working together. It's noted that they only agree with each other when the situation is dire.

Mr. SpadeEdit

Tara's English teacher who shows a romantic interest in Isabella that seems to be returned.
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Mr. Spade and Isabella


He is her father, and Isabella is shown to have nothing but fondness for him. He is the more laid-back of the two and often attempts to sway Isabella in favor of Tara. Isabella only caves in with interference from her father. She attempts to get him to eat healthier, but to no avail.

Manitou in the golden scepter

Her father, Manitou


  • Isabella dislikes romance movies, deeming them as "utter, nonsensical mush!"
  • Isabella has stage fright, but overcomes it.
  • Isabella's teenage self thinks of her current wardrobe as "grandma clothing".
  • It is unknown what happened to her mother or her husband.


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