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Alison Wandzura

In the SeriesEdit

Cal and Lorelei

The two childhood best friends meet.

So far, she has only made an appearance as the antagonist of the episode "Mer-made ". In the episode "Mer-made", she poisons Tara. She then contacts the Alpha Team and tells them that the poison will turn Tara permanently into a mermaid unless they release her sister, Odarelle, from Other World prison. Chem expresses his concern; as much as he wants the antidote for Tara, releasing Odarelle would have dire consequences.
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According to him, Odarelle attempted to drown all humans in water so that mermaids (specifically she herself) could rule Earth. Lorelei and Odarelle's singing together is strong enough to do so. Tara tries to locate her on the living stone so that she could just steal the antidote from her, but Cal casts an opaquis and offers to hunt her down instead.

He calls Lorelei on the beach using a conch shell and confronts her. He chases after her after she realizes that he only called her for the antidote. She eventually loses him by hiding in a fountain. Sparrow calls Cal to help Tara and her locate ingredients for their own home-made antidote for Tara. Overhearing this, Lorelei travels down to the ocean to steal the ingredient before Tara got it.

Cal joins Tara in the chase and manages to snatch the ingredient. However, he hesitated in apprehending her, which Tara gets suspicious and angry about. The cure works on Tara right before she permanently becomes a me
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Lorelei shows she truly cares for Cal

rmaid and Cal finally comes clean.

In a final showdown, he calls Lorelei onto the docks, where he, Tara, and Sparrow all corner her. She casts an intense torturous spell at Tara, only for Cal to jump in the way. Both Lorelei and Tara express extreme concern for him (as Lorelei is revealed to have been his childhood best friend from Other World).

Lorelei agrees to go back to Other World with no trouble and never step foot on Earth again, but Tara feels bad for her and pleads Chem to give Lorelei a second chance. Lorelei is seen swimming in the bottom of the ocean at the end of the episode.

Appearance Edit

Loralei has light skin, blue eyes, and long, deep red hair.

As a mermaid, she has an eel-like tail and the upper body being human like all mermaids.

As a human, Loralei wears a turquoise halter top that extends to the right side of her thigh with a black belt around her waist, brown arm warmers that start from the elbows and stop halfway to the wrists, turquoise pants, and black shoes. Around her neck is the antidote she was holding for Tara until her sister, Odarelle, is freed when it was later left behind. She also wears a hooded cloak for disguise, and a whale ring with a syringe on her finger to inject a metamorphosis serum into Tara's arm.



Cal is Lorelei's childhood best friend. She seems to know him well enough that she can generally guess what Cal
Bonnie and Clyde

Cal and Lorelei

is going to do. It appears that one of the main reasons she sets foot on Earth is to see Cal again (because he did not stay in contact with her after joining Alpha Team). During the chase, Cal spots her with a drawing he gave her when they were kids of stick figure versions of them in a heart with "Best Friends Forever" above it. They also appear to have their own form of communication, because when Cal blows into a conch shell on the beach, Lorelei immediately comes to the
Friends for life

Cal's old drawing

shore. Lorelei cares for Cal deeply and is jealous when it appears that Tara has taken her place. In the end, Lorelei reveals that she cares for Cal more than her beloved sister, Odarelle, as she is willing to go back and forgo her plan just for him to be all right. Cal, in turn, does express some fondness towards Lorelei; though appears to favor Tara more. At first, Cal shields Lorelei by casting an opaquis spell.

However, he acknowledges that Lorelei is harming Tara and that he must stop her. Cal also appears to think that Lorelei and Tara have similar personalities.


  • Lorelei is possibly named after the Lorelei in the Rhine River. Legends say that a maiden named the Lorelei lives on the rock and lures fishermen to their death with her song.
  • Lorelei is the childhood best friend of Cal.
  • Lorelei's voice, along with her sister's, makes her one of the most powerful mermaids on Other World. 
  • Notably, Lorelei is the only red-haired mermaid in the series to have blue eyes. The others have grey eyes.
  • Lorelei is the only mermaid, and ossibly the only Other World spellbinder not sent back to Other World.


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