A reporter who anonymously writes in the Rosemond newspaper as "the Mole".

She used Cal to g
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et know about his "secret", believing them to be "monsters" in teenage disguise.

She apppears in episode Guardian Of My Heart, working with Henry Delachasse.

Involvement in the SeriesEdit

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Amrod's spell backfires, and Luanna falls for him.

She is present at the confrontation between the Alpha Team and Henry Delachasse. Amrod attempts to cast a love spell on Tara with one of his charms, but it hits Luanna instead. In the end, she reappears at Cal's video store and attempts to set up an account there, only for Cal to rudely rebuke her. She storms off threatening to ruin him with her newspaper position as "the Mole".


  • She is one of the only love interests of Cal that is actually named
  • She is the second love interest of Cal to have a mentus cast on her, the other being the Brunette Girl .


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