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Madney is a teen pop sensation. She is a minor character in the series, but does appear in more than one episode. A running gag is that she is often endangered by a Semchanch, but does not realize it.


Madney has pink hair that she usually wears in pigails, and has grey eyes.


Madney's true personality is unknown, as she is barely given any speaking role. She appears to be the stereotypical snobby popstar when Cal attempts to woo her, but she is kind and compliments Tara

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Madney judging the dance competition.

and Sandra when they are entered in her competition. She is, however, prone to diva 

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Tara Duncan singing along to Madney Speers.

fits; as when Aquaphonis steals her voice, she angrily throws her microphone and stamps off stage.

Madney Speers is a parody of popstars like Britney Spears and Madonna which her name is derived from. Notably, she only has one hit pop song that Tara sings or hums, even when Madney herself is not in the episode.


  • Madney is implied to be a one-hit wonder, as no other song besides Pop Star  is sung by her in the series.
  • A poster of Madney is hung up in Tara's room that transforms into the living stone.
  • Her name is a combination of Britney Spears and Madonna.
  • Madney has seen or been a victim of countless semchanach attacks, but has only needed a mentus cast on her once.
  • It is unknown what Madney's true hair color is. Her pink hair could either be natural (not unusual for cartoons) or dyed.
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