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|Box title = Master Chem
|Box title = Master Chem
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Master Chem








Master Chem is the Leader of the Alpha Team, as well as the Beta Team. He tries to be of assistance during missions, but only commonly gives information or advice. His main role is the portal guardian of Otherworld; it is his responsibililty to keep Semchanachs from escaping and causing havoc on earth.


Master Chem is a wise, old dragon.He is very nice, but sometimes he is a bit stern.He does has a soft spot.

He is prideful and stubborn, often clashing with Isabella Duncan. Also, as evidenced by "Assault on the Manor", he is very forgetful.


Chem is a blue dragon with white on his stomach.He wears glasses and has white eyebrows, a beard,and moustache.



None of Master Chem's Family is shown or mentioned.


Master Chem did have a mentor by the name of Master Chou, who possessed Sandra in "Disenchanted". Although, the Alpha Team, Isabella,and Manitou could be considered his friends.


Often, he and Isabella clash, as they have a different point of view on things (him sometimes blantantly disregarding nonspell manners and traditions and doing things his way OR Isabella reprimanding Tara on something that Chem does not agree Tara should not be punished for). However, the two prove to be quite a formidable pair when they work together. Their relationship mirrors that of an old married couple, though there is obviously no romance between them.

He also calls her "Madame Duncan" whenever he is in an argument with her.


Master Chem fell in love with a lady dragon named Mel. However, she betrayed him, using him to find out where his gold stash is for her and her twin sister.

Master's Chem Photo Gallery

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