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First Appearance:

The Golden Scepter

Last Appearance:

The Golden Scepter

 Nelos is a harpy who served as the antagonist in The Golden Scepter


She sneaked out to Rosemond in order to obtain the Golden Scepter, which had the power to turn the user into fully human or monster, as well as into a hybrid.

Nelos had fallen in love with Sparrow's father while he had been in the Land of the Harpies, but was rejected due to her talons and claws. Still in love with him, Nelos sought the Gold scepter to turn her into a real woman by blackmailing Sparrow for the location. She was ultimately defeated, and Isabella had Chem transport her back to the Land of the Harpies.


  • Nelos is one of the few harpies that actually have red "hair".
  • Nelos is the only antagonist to be (slightly) linked to Sparrow and her past.
  • It is unknown whether she goes to Otherworld prison or some other detainment in the Land of the Harpies.