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Odarelle is the [twin] sister of Lorelei. Together, the two mermaids have the power to flood the earth with their song.

She is currently in Otherworld prison for an earlier attempt to flood and control the earth. Lorelei notably did not assist her, as Master Chem states that their song is unbeatable. Had Lorelei aided her sister, the two would have successfully flooded the earth. (even if so defeated, Lorelei would've been in Otherworld prison with her sister)

It is unknown whether she was well-acquainted with Cal, but it is possible, as Cal was Lorelei's childhood best friend. She is only seen on the Living Stone in Mer-Made only.
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She is identical to Lorelei, except that she has blonde hair rather than Lorelei's red hair; a contrast to the rest of the mermaids.


  • Odarelle is the only mermaid only mentioned in the episodes.
  • She is the only blonde mermaid in the series.
  • Odarelle is the only evil mermaid in the series to be detained in Otherworld Prison. The other antagonists were not truly evil, and were, therefore, not punished.
  • Odarelle and Lorelei are one of the two sets of twins in the series. The Cryista Brothers are the other set.
  • She is a powerful mermaid. Her voice makes her a siren.
    Odarelle and Lorelei
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