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Full Name:

Sandra Leylocke



Hair Color:


Eye Color:



Maryke Hendrdise



Sandra is noted as one of the coolest and most popular girls in school (though this may only be because of her money, not her personality). Tara does not have any nonspell friends at first because of her. Sandra often haughtily tells Tara off and alienates her from the rest of the school, calling her "weird" and a "freak". Because of this, Tara expresses a desire to turn Sandra into a chihuahua, seeing no difference between the two. Tara states that she is the only reason Tara dosen't have any nonspell friends (however, as the series progresses, she becomes friends with Edward, Jeremy, and Jordan.)

Series Involvement

In the pilot episode, she throws a self declared "Party of the Year" inviting everyone from school (therefore, not including Sparrow and Cal) except for Tara. In the subplot, she realizes that she may become a wallflower after checking her RSVP list; there is one more boy, which means that the girl dancing with another boy will end up eating pretzels instead because her original dance partner would be hanging out with the extra boy instead (this fear comes from a comment made by Tara). After her BFF Livia confirms that Sandra will be devoid of her popularity by being a wallflower at her own party, Sandra goes to great lengths to track down and invite Tara to her party (though in the end, she invites Tara, Cal, and Sparrow only to regret it when the trio steal away her and Livia's dancing partners, the Cryista Brothers).

Sandra is often suspicious of Tara's activities, but never finds out about Tara being a spellbinder with her memory intact (the others always have no choice but to cast a mentus on her). However, it is revealed that in the season finale it is revealed that Sandra had known about Tara's "cool powers", she would have been friends with Tara. But because this has never happened, Tara and Sandra are stuck as rivals (Sandra being willing to do anything to beat Tara at anything.)


 Sandra is described as a brunette with blue eyes. She appears to be of average height (shorter than Tara, but taller than Livia), and she is always shown wearing a ponytail with hair clips pulling her bangs back and she wears a vest with cuffs. She has always worn the same outfit in all of the episodes that she appears in. 
Sandra and Livia

Sandra and Livia


Sandra is a show-off and is extremely bratty. She often adds a dramatic flair to trivial matters and hates being outdone or not having the spotlight. Popularity appears to be the top priority to Sandra. She is the mean girl of the show and is often at odds with Tara, clashing with her on whatever they both happen to be interested in.

Sandra does have a nicer side, shown when she discovers Tara's secret (however, this is temporary). She openly admits that Tara is cool and that all her previous weirdness makes sense.

She also appears to be a dog-lover, as she fusses over Manitou, calling him a "cute, chubby puppy!".



Sandra is shown to have a crush on the twins (who later become friends with the tomboyish Tara). However, in a few episodes, it appears that she may have a crush on Cal ( in one episode, she steals Sparrow's diary and Cal sneaks into her house to get it from her room before she reads it. She and Livia catch him, however, and Cal has no choice but to romance her. She and Livia both swoon and Sandra is giddy at having Cal as her boyfriend. Though she expresses joy at stealing Tara's friend/ possible boyfriend, she also acknowledges that Cal is cute.
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Sandra and Cal

In "Volcan Heart", Sandra has a secret admirer who bought her a ruby ring (which was later stolen, as the ruby is part of the Volcan Heart).



Livia and Sandra

Livia is Sandra's BFF and often tags along when Sandra attempts to humiliate Tara or expose whatever secret she's hiding. (The result is either a mentus to both them or a single mentus to Sandra.) Livia is the considered the lackey or the sidekick of the two, as well as the less intelligent. Livia has a crush on Cal in "Brothers in Fangs" She steals the videos from the store. She takes a liking to Manitou after she pours out all of her feelings for Cal out to him. (however, that was her only appearance without Sandra.)


  • Sandra is very slimlar to Libby Chesler. Since they're both rich, They both humiliate the main character.
  • Though Sandra is "popular', it is noted that her only real friend is Livia.  
  • Ironically, despite Sandra calling Tara lame and pathetic, Sandra has many things in common with Tara, including their interests and hobbies.
  • Sandra is quite simlar to Angelica of the Tara Duncan books.
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