TD 10
Tara and Serena


Vampire/ Semchanach



Hair Color:

Brown (pilot); White

Eye Color:

Gold (pilot); Red


To rule earth

Voice actress

Patricia Drake

Serena is a very evil vampire out to get revenge on Tara. Her name is Selenba in the French dub. She is voiced by Patricia Drake.

Description Edit

Serena is a evil semchanach who has apparently tried to rule the world through Rosemond several times before, as she mentions being stopped by the other Duncan females prior to Tara (Selena Duncan  and Isabella). Because she is a vampyre, it is very likely that she has run into them before throughout the years.

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Leonardo, one of Serena's disguises.

She appears to also be good at persuasion, as when she is under the guise of Leonardo Detropo, she "has Isabella wrapped around his [her] finger".The Manor notably does not like her and is able to detect her in any form.


In recent episodes, her hair is white and her eyes are redder and wears either a red and white jumpsuit or robe with black boots, whereas in the pilot, she had brown hair pulled into a bun, black eyes and wears a purple hooded cloak.

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Serena is manipulative and evil, using any means available to her to rule Rosemond, Earth, and Otherworld. She does not mind hurting or killing others in the process. She is also known to make sneering remarks.


  • The English dub is inconsistent with her name. She was originally named Solara in the original trailer for the dub, Serena in the fully dubbed pilot, but changed back to Selenba, her original French name, in latter appearances. It is possible the name "Serena" was considered too similar to Selena, the name of Tara's mother.
  • It is unknown why, other than that she has thirst for power, but Serena has been banished from the Land of the Vampires.
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    Serena's unique footprints

  • Serena, alongside Henry Delachasse, is the most recurring antagonist.
  • Serena has a unique footprint that allowed Cal and Sparrow to identify her.
  • Serena is the vampyre from book 2. She was Master Dragosh's fiancé prior to turning evil and drinking human blood- the latter causing her insanity.
  • Serena is the only semchanach to appear in more than one episode.
  • Serena is known as the most dangerous semchanach on Otherworld.
  • Whenever she is taken back to Otherworld by Master Chem, she is usually under the affect of a transformus (being a chicken, mouse, and rooster for example).



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