Gloria "Sparrow" Daavil is one of Tara Duncan's friends and a member of the Alpha Team.

She is voiced by Kelly Metzger.


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Gloria Daavil





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Kelly Metzger


Sparrow is a 17-year-old girl who is a spellbinder and defeats evil with Tara and Cal. She and her family have the characteristic exclusive to come down from Beauty and the Beast; she has inherited the curse of the beast and can turn into a beast at will. However, with the curse, whenever she is afraid or angry she will inadvertantly transform into the beast.

She also runs and owns a pet shop, as it is her excuse for staying in Rosemond to the nonspells.

When Sparrow casts spells, her color is pink.


Sparrow is shy, smart, and a friendly person. She is sensible and reasonable. At times, she can be very prideful of her intelligence, though. Sparrow easily gets very upset or anxious, which turns her into beast form.


Sparrow wears a red beret and she has wavy brown hair. She wears a pink shirt with buttons on it and has brown shorts with a very light purple on bottom. She has boots that are brown with lighter brown socks under them. She wears a yellow and pomegranate necklace, which is her Familiar. She has her crystal on her wrist which helps her during missions.



Sparrow's family has not been revealed, but in The Golden Scepter, a Harpy named Nelos did say that Sparrow's father went to the Land of the Harpies and took the Golden Scepter. The Harpy wanted the scepter back because she was in love with Sparrow's father, but he did not feel the same way because of her talons and claws. She wanted to use the scepter to become a normal woman to gain the love of Sparrow's father. Also, somewhere in the family history, a curse was set on Sparrow's family so that they would turn into a beast when they were mad, nervous, or worried.


Sparrow's best friends are Tara and Cal. Notably, she is friends with the nonspell twins and the Beta Team members, particularly Fafnir. She also has a boyfriend named Edward.


Sparrow appears to have no real love interest in the first few episodes. However, in one episode, it is revealed that she likes a nonspell by the name of Edward. Edward is a blond boy with blue eyes who is usually wearing a white shirt with a blue collar and stars on it. They seem to have a lot in common and many subplots involving Sparrow also involve Edward (i.e. at one point, she was concerned that she would have to cast a mentus on him because it seemed that he knew of her curse. To her relief, that was not the case. Another example would be she had agreed to protest the prepping of dogs for dog shows with Edward. However, in order to catch the villains, she had to enter Manitou in the very same contest she had promised to Edward to protest. Her main concern the whole episode was hiding from Edward so he would not think badly of her).

In a few episodes involving the Beta Team, Sparrow seems to like Fabrice. Some Tara Duncan fans also speculate a possible relationship between Cal and Sparrow (Carrow) due to their close friendship, though Sparrow's main romantic relationship with Edward seems to dispell any possibility of Sparrow with any other characters.


Sparrow's familiar is a white panther named Sheeba. Like all other familiars, she can transform into a yellow and pomegranate necklace.
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  • Sparrow runs a pet shop, and, notably, does not go to school
  • Sparrow, despite being known as the brains of the Alpha Team, has a lower IQ than Cal (The 4 Parchments)
  • Her nickname derives from her personality in the books. She was shy, but she later overcomes it.
  • She is seen of the most girly of the bunch.
  • Sparrow is the only one in the Alpha Team whose name is not mentioned more than once.

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