Throughout Tara Duncan, many spells have been used and re-used time and time again in missions. Notably, all of the spells start with a mock-latin type. Example: via' and end in 'us' or 'is' . There has been some occasions in which no words are spoken when a spell is cast.

Tara Duncan

Tara casting a spell.

Most Used SpellsEdit

Torturous Edit

When facing Semchanachs, both sides will use this spell to send agony to their opponent. It is a lethal spell, and is never to be used on an ally. If the spellcaster is especially malevolent towards their target, the spell will have an especially agonizing effect.

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Tara and Cal held up by a levitus


A spell commonly used to levitate or pick up objects and people. Notably, it is also used to steal things off of a person (Though an approprias is usually cast instead)


A spell used to make nonspells forget (notably, it does not affect Semchanachs or spellbinders). The range of memories deleted depends on how strongly the spell is cast. Typically, it is cast on a nonspell who has witnessed magical activity or who may know too much. Sandra Leylocke is a prime example of nonspell with a mentus cast on her daily.

Paralysis Edit

This spell paralyzes the target. In some episodes, it has been known to wear off, but it generally will stay until the counterspell is cast by someone other than the victim.


Aquaphonis casting a spell.


This spell is used to teleport to places. Beginners will have to name the location, but an intermediate spellbinder would be able to teleport without even saying the spell. The user must be focused, or they will end up teleporting to the wrong spot.


This spell is used to change the form of the object or person. The target can be changed to an object or an animal. Transformus can also be used to reverse another previously cast Transformus.


A spell that is used to shrink the target. In some episodes, it is implied to wear off, but it mostly appears to be only negated by another spell [normalus]. It's also noted that the victim of the spell is unable to cast magic (or to a very minimal degree).


This spell knocks out the victim, putting them in sound slumber. They are able to be woken up in awhile, though. The spell is also a range spell, meaning that it can also be meant for more than one person. A powerful enough spellbinder could easily send a whole room into deep slumber with this spell.


A spell commonly used to retrieve and obtain items. It is mostly used to steal or pickpocket objects from a Semchanach, nonspell, or Spellbinder. It is a frequently cast spell and is usually used in a chase during which the Alpha Team fights to obtain an object before a Semchanach.


This spell can be used to freeze moving objects or people, but is mainly used as shield of sorts against other spells.

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Robin casting a recuperis on the twins.


The spell makes a person to recover if the person is hurt, knocked out, or hit by a Torturous.


The spell returns a person or object back to normal if the person or object has been shrunk or transformed by a transformus or miniaturous


The spell makes objects or people levitate and freezes them in the air.


The spell repairs the damages on objects.


The spell makes a person calm down when the person is angry or upset.


Disrupts the target's spell


Conjures objects out of thin air


Knocks down the target.


Recovers anything stolen by an Approprias.


Tracks the target of the spell.

More SpellsEdit


This spell is used multiple times in "The Silent Siren", it is used to steal the voice of the target, or restore/return a voice. The spell is also used to mute the target.


The spell changes a persons voice into any other voice that the target of the spell has.


The spell freezes time, only the most powerful spellbinders can be able to use it. Notably, it affects everything around the user (animals, nonspells, semchanchs) except for other spellbinders. It will wear off after a certain time period. In the first episode it is introduced, Tara mentions it is likely to backfire. But, in the following episodes, the Alpha Team use it with little to no problems.

Notable users: Cal (Alpha Male); Tara (Gold FeverAs If By Magic )


The counter-spell to an eternitas. The spell caster can disapate their eternitas by casting this spell. It is implied that another spellcaster not frozen by the eternitas may undo the spell as well, whether because they were purposefully left out of the eternitas or not.


A spell that a spellbinder can use when another spellbinder/Semchanach/Human are suspended by another spellbinder or semchanch's levitus. The spell can also be used to reverse Paralysis-Blockus/Paralysis

Paralysis-Blockus Edit

A spell used to paralyze a large amount of people.

Immobus Edit

When two spellbinders are trapped inside another spellbinder/semchanach's levitus, they can use this spell on each other to revoke the levitus spell. The spell was used in the episode: As If By Magic(episode 21) , when Tara and Cal used it on each other.

Morelis Edit

A spell used to grant the spellbinder/Semchanach that used it the ability to walk through objects

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