Summer School
Season 1, Episode 16
Summer School
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Tara is at odds with her own grandmother, Isabella, who wants to send her to an advanced spell-casting camp on OtherWorld! Anteos, a “strange” harpy, chooses this precise moment to show up on Earth, putting Master Chem in a very awkward position. Called in by Tara to stand up for her, he finds himself forced to battle Isabella, who has challenged him to a duel.


It is the summer holiday, and Tara had planned to go with her friends on a vacation, but Isabella wants 

Tara Duncan - Summer School (FULL EPISODE 16)

Tara Duncan - Summer School (FULL EPISODE 16)

Full Episode of Summer School

to send her to Otherworld to refine her magic. Master Chem hears about this, he sends a harpy named Antheos, a vegetarian, to helping him to overcome Isabella during a combat, to teach her that young spellbinders needs to relax. But Antheos, not having much knowledge about earth, causes various problems in Rosemond.




Master Chem

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