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Tara Duncan is a French animated series produced by Moonscoop, best known for Code Lyoko.

The show premiered in June 2010 in France on Disney XD, and in July 2011 in the United States. It is based on a series of French novels.

For some reason is got cancelled after Episode 26, with a second season or more never produced. This disappointed many fans, as they are left in the dark of what the mystical realm Otherworld looks like, or about certain characters' background in the show.

Episodes Edit

  1. The Silent Siren
  2. BFF
  3. The Golden Scepter
  4. Gold Fever
  5. The De-Horned Unicorn
  6. Brothers in Fangs
  7. Haute Couture
  8. Master Chem's Honor
  9. The Mirror of Youth
  10. Disenchanted
  11. Mer-Made
  12. Alpha Male
  13. The Volcan Heart
  14. Cryano of Otherworld
  15. Clairvoyant
  16. Summer School
  17. The Four Parchments
  18. Heart of Stone
  19. Assault on the Manor
  20. The Cup of Invisibility
  21. As If by Magic
  22. Guardian of My Heart
  23. The Gold and the She-Dragon
  24. Boil, Bubble, Toil and Trouble
  25. A Familiar Air
  26. The Naughty Little Vampire


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