Tara Duncan is the heroine of a series of bestselling novels in French written by Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian . The English translation by William Rodarmor of Volume 1, Tara Duncan and the Spellbinders, was published by Skyhorse Publishing in June 2012. Volume 2, Tara Duncan and the Forbidden Book, is planned for release in the US on January 24, 2013. An animated series that premiered in France in 2010 is now airing in the U.S. on the "Girls Rule" division of Kabillion.

The central character of the series is a girl named Tara Duncan who discovers that she is a powerful "spellbinder," possessing magic powers. Her adventures begin when she is 12 and take her to the planet OtherWorld and beyond. Magic is present in those worlds, as are evil wizards, giants, "vampyrs," dwarves, elves, sirens, and two-headed business administrators.

Tara's companions in her adventures include her fellow Earthling Fabrice and the friends she makes on OtherWorld: a half-elf called Robin M'angil , the licensed thief in training Caliban Dal Salan, a shapeshifting princess Gloria Daavil nicknamed "Sparrow", and a short-tempered but warm-hearted female dwarf named Fafnir .

Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian , who is also the author of other series, has so far written ten Tara Duncan volumes in French. William Rodarmor has translated 2 of her books into English. Some of the books have also been translated into Japanese.


Tara's gang[edit]Edit

"Tara's gang" is composed of Tara's closest friends, who always follow her in her adventures.

Tara Duncan  is the main character of the series. She has dark blue eyes and blond hair with a white lock. Her magic skills are incredibly powerful without her doing anything about it or even knowing why, and she has to fight with a mysterious dark spellbinder, while learning to be the heiress of a whole empire. In fact, Tara has been genetically manipulated by a renegade dragon, who significantly increased the strength of her powers. However, Tara uses her magic to help people, by doing things that were called impossible before, such as curing vampyrs who drank human blood. Tara is brave and strong-willed, she doesn't hesitate before diving into an adventure that could cost her her life. She would do anything for her friends, and she loves them a lot. Her familiar is a large pegasus named Gallant.

Robin M'angil  is the son of T'andilus M'angil, head of secret services of Lancovit, and Mevora, a human who is passionate by books and politics. Being half elven is pretty rare on Otherworld, since the elves don't want to make their race weaker by mixing it with human's genes. Robin really suffers because of this and is rejected by other elves. He is a great warrior and owns the arc of Llilandril, a ferocious elf warrior whose spirit still lives in the arc. He has silver hair with black highlights, crystal eyes and pointy ears. He would do anything to protect and save Tara. They broke up in volume 9 but Robin still loves Tara more than anyone.

Caliban Dal Salan, "Cal " is a Patented thief in training (kind of a spy in operation for the government). Cheeky, daring, brave and agile, he always makes jokes, having a great sense of humour and of sarcasm. He is small and thin, has black messy hair and grey eyes. He is described as having an angelic face. He was also madly in love with Eleanora, another licensed thief, who believed that Cal has killed her cousin and tried to get revenge. His familiar is red fox named Blondin. He became Tara's boyfriend in volume 10.

Gloria Daavil, "Sparrow " is princess of Lancovit, but she will never be queen, only being the niece of King Bear and Queen Titania. She is nicknamed "Sparrow" because she is really shy, but she becomes more confident. Her ancestors are Beauty and the Beast which causes Sparrow to be able to change from human to beast. She is pretty and has long and curled brown hair. Sensitive and reasonable, she is Tara's best friend. Her familiar is a white panther named Sheeba. She is Fabrice's girlfriend.

Fafnir  is a dwarf from Hymlia, strong and ferocious warrior. She can fight with an axe like nobody else. Like other dwarfs, she hates magic and tries to avoid it the best as she can. She also hates the fact that she has magic powers, and would really want to get rid of them. Fafnir really likes Tara because there are always great fights around the young heiress. Little and redhead, she always has a great amount of weapons with her. She is often dressed in red leather.

Fabrice  is Tara's oldest friend from Earth, son of the Transfer Door's gardian. He discovers that he also has magic powers because his mother was exposed to the emanations of the Transfer Door during her pregnancy. However, his magic is weaker than his friend’s, and he's obsessed with the idea of gaining more power, sometimes by flirting with dark magic and forbidden spells. Described as really handsome, he is tall, has blond hair and dark eyes. He also really loves charades and often ends his sentences with one. In love with Sparrow, his quest for more powers complicates their relationship.

Tara's enemies[edit]Edit

Magister is the master of all bloodgraves, Tara's worst enemy and the one who kidnapped her mother Selena when Tara was four years old. Magister's goal is to free the demons, and he needs Tara's blood to do it. He wants to rule the world and is pretty cruel, but sometimes he also shows more human feelings, such as his love for Selena. He always wears a mask that changes color according to his humor. We don't know who he really is and won't know it until the end of the series.

Selenba is a terrible vampyr who drinks human blood. She is particularly cruel and violent with her victims, and has pleasure by making them suffer the most as she can. She is willing to do whatever Magister tells her to do; it is later revealed that she is secretly in love with him. She has long white hair and red eyes, is thin and tall and has really pale skin. Used to be the fiancee of Safir Dragosh who is still in love with her and is willing to do anything for her.

The Red Queen is a red female dragon, self-proclaimed the queen of the Forbidden Continent. Bigger than other dragons that Tara has meet, she uses humans as her slaves and organize fight between werewolves, dragons and humans.

Secondary Characters[edit]Edit

Lisbeth'Tylanhem is the Empress of Omois. She is Tara's aunt and Danviou's sister. Like Tara, she has long blond hair with a white lock and dark blue eyes. Bad-tempered, she has the reputation of being Otherworld's prettiest woman. Often coloring her long hair to match her dresses and tiaras, her beauty is legendary and devastating.

Sandor is Lisbeth's half brother and Emperor of Omois. He replaced Danviou when he died. He also has long blond hair, often tied in a low ponytail. He is a really good warrior, leader of Omois army, and also teaches Tara how to fight.

Selena Duncan  is Tara's mother. She has been prisoner of Magister during 10 years, she is set free by Tara in the first book. Selena has long curly brown hair and green eyes, and seduces a lot of men without wanting it. Se was killed in the tome 8, where se joined her husband.

Danviou is Tara's father. He is imperator of Omois. He has à short blond hair sliced by à white lock and he has blue eyes. He was killed by Magister, while Tara are 2 years old. Since, he lives as a ghost in underworld. It is sometime brought on the Otherworld.

Isabella Duncan  is Tara's grandmother and also the woman who raised her. She's very ambitious, which sometimes makes her a bit selfish and even cruel. She is known as being a great spellbinder and bad-tempered.

Jar and Mara are the twins little brother and sister of Tara, children of Selena and Danviou. They were born shortly after Selena's kidnapping (she was then pregnant since two months), and Magister raised them making believe that he was their father. Thus, the twins have been infected by demoniac magic and Magister's way of thinking, and they consider their mother as being weak. Jar is really cold and ambitious, more like Isabella, and his biggest wish is to become the emperor instead of Tara (he's even ready to kill her if he needs to). Mara is kinder an more like Selena, though she also doesn't bound with Selena that much. She is in love with Cal, who she admires a lot, and wants to become a licensed thief just like him.

Chemnashaovirodaintrachivu , "Master Chem" is a blue and silver dragon who works in Lancovit and helps the Taragang. He often takes the form of an old wiseman, but Tara and her friends later discover that is real age is equivalent to a thirty years old man in human years.

Sylver, a new character in the 7th book, is a handsome and mysterious boy with long blond hair and a skin covered of cutting scales. Raised by the dwarfs, he's a fierce and formidable warrior. Kind, shy and a bit clumsy, he's immediately willing to help Tara in her quest, at the risk of his life. Only problem: When he's asleep, Sylver changes into a dangerous and strenghtful creature who wants to kill and destroy everything. SPOILER: it is revealed that Sylver is the son of Magister and a female dragon called Ama.

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