Tara Duncan


Tara Duncan


17 (11 in the books)



Hair Color:

Blonde (with a lighter blonde streak)

Eye Color:




Voice Actress:

Saffron Henderson

Tara Duncan is the main protagonist and title character of the series. She is voiced by Saffron Henderson.


Tara Duncan is a seventeen-year-old girl who deals with everyday life while defeating evil with her friends Sparrow and Cal. When she casts spells, her color is blue.
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Tara Duncan singing along to Madney Speers.

She was born on Earth, but is still a powerful spellbinder, nonetheless. She is the main character of the series. She is sporty, playing basketball and volleyball. She is the number one fangirl of Madney Speers (as stated by Cal in "Silent Siren"), but is tone deaf.

Tara is also the leader of Alpha Team, though it is not clear until Robin states that he is Cal's superior since Tara is sick. Tara is constantly trying to balance her nonspell and spellbinder life, a task that often annoys her grandmother, Isabella.


Tara Duncan is clever, outgoing, and a bit headstrong, willful, and stubborn. She always knows what she wants, and is not afraid to go after it.
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Tara in her basketball outfit

She also has an unwavering desire to fit in and be normal, as is an earth spellbinder. Unfortunately, Sandra and her Alpha Team missions make it very difficult for her to make nonspell friends and seem normal.

Physical Appearance

Tara D


Tara has waist-length, bright blonde hair with a platinum lock that she loves to bite in the front, near her face. She wears a purple tank top with a white shirt underneath, and has blue pants with a black belt and black and white shoes. She wears a yellow and pomegranate necklace that is Gallant, her flying pegasus familiar. She has a crystal watch on her wrist that helps her communicate with her teammates and look up anything having to do with magic.




Isabella, Manitou, Sandra, and Tara

Tara's family includes Isabella, her grandmother, and her great-grandfather, Manitou, who accidentally turned himself into a dog. Her mother and father's current location is unknown, although a picture is shown of Tara's mother in the series. She was a powerful spellbinder who defeated evil just as Isabella did and Tara does.

In the books, her mother Selena Duncan is kidnapped and her father, the imperator of Omois, Danviou, was killed. In the animated series there is the possibility that she is still alive, as Tara goes to the Silver Witch in "BFF" to see if she was truly there. Because she lives on Earth and she insinuates that she may have had recently learned of her powers, it is assumed that her father was a nonspell.


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Claire and Tara bond.

Tara's friends are Sparrow and Cal, who are spellbinders and fellow members of the Alpha Team.

Claire: Throughout the episode
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The Alpha Team: Cal, Tara and Sparrow

"Clairvoyant", Tara bonds closely with Claire, believing her to be a girl just like her; not knowing that she was a spellbinder upon birth. When Cal casts suspicions on her, Tara is quick to defend her, though whether it was because of her bond with Claire or because she was stung that Cal was going to leave is unknown. Tara, just like Fabrice, gets really upset when it is revealed that Claire was using them to steal the vampire gang's emblem.


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Cal and Tara

Tara is currently not romantically involved with anyone. However, it is shown that she is a bit jealous whenever Cal is going out with or flirting with another girl (see Cara). She also appears to have a minor crush on Robin from the Beta Team.

In the books her romantic interests get more handsome by the next installment, Tara has a romantic relationship with Cal but later in the series. She is in love with Robin initially and maybe Cal, which they hint at in the TV series.


Gallant (2)

Gallant, Tara's familiar

Tara's familiar is a pegasus named Gallant. He can transform into a necklace that is yellow and pomegranate.


  • She is on the basketball team, but has problems scoring free throws.
  • Tara, though the leader of the Alpha Team, is technically the most inexperienced due to her nonspell upbringing.
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    Tara is known as being a horrible singer.
  • Tara originally had no nonspell friends in the beginning of the series.
  • She has accidentally walked into the boy's locker room on one occasion.
  • In some scenes of the pilot episode Tara wears a pink tank with a brown top over instead of what she wears usually.
  • Tara's character design looks reminiscent with Terra from Teen Titans 2003 TV Series, especially her hairstyle and blue eyes.


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