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The Crystia Brothers, Sandra, Livia

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The Cryista Brothers

Tara's basketball partners and the (current/ former respectively) crushes of Sandra and Livia. Notably, they help Sandra and Livia alienate Tara in the pilot, but become friends with Tara afterwards and express an annoyance with Sandra and Livia. Their names are Jeremy and Jordan, but they are often referred to as "The Twins", implying that they are truly twins
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The Cryista Brothers and Cal

They also appear to be friends of Edward; often being seen with him and participating in the protest against pet shows with him.

Appearance Edit

Jeremy has a blond mohawk and Jordan has a jet-black mullet. Jeremy wears red jacket over a black tee and Jordan wears a yellow-green jacket over a dark-green tee with mint green lining.


  • The twins are the stars of the basketball team that Tara later joins.
  • Though at first seeming mean and hostile to Tara, they become good friends with her later in the series.
  • They appear in book 4.
  • They are the most popular guys at Tara's school, probably in part to their good looks and their star positions on the basketball team.
  • Jeremy and Jordan double-dated with Sandra and Livia respectively before the end of the pilot.
  • They are familiar with Sparrow , but not Cal.