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The Cursed Scepter (also titled as Tara Duncan and the Cursed Scepter) is the third novel in the book series after the spellbinding events of Tara Duncan and the Forbidden Book; it is directly followed by The Renegade Dragon. It has yet to translated for the Amerasian fans; eight long year since The Forbidden Book was translated.


Tara Duncan, the young magical princess, must hastily leave Earth for OtherWorld: Her mother, Selena, was injured in an attack and the cruel Magister, master of the Bloodgraves, whom everyone thought was gone, is back.

With the help of a huge and formidable army of demons, he claims to seize the Omois Empire. And then perhaps eradicate the race of dragons ... Besides, who could resist the power of the Cursed Scepter which he now holds and which deprives the Spellbinders of OtherWorld of their magic?

With the Empress and the Impersonator captured, Tara finds herself alone, at the age of fourteen, at the head of the Empire to wage a war lost in advance. Helped by her friends, the elf Robin, Fabrice, Sparrow the "Beast", Cal the clever Thief, the dwarf Fafnir and her great-grandfather the dog Manitou, the young Empress must take all the risks. Once again, he must face Magister, his hordes and spies as well as his terrifying killer: the Hunter.

Tara Duncan's powers keep growing, but will her magic be able to prevent the army of demons from sweeping through the universe?

Chapters 42-TBA[]

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