A familiar is an creature that shares its spirit with a spellbinder (/sortceliers). The two are almost inseparable and even without verbal communication, should understand each other.

In a point in their life, a spellbinder is "chosen,” to an animal that becomes its own, unique and irreplaceable familiar. Familars are much more smarter than normal animals.

The bond a spellbinder and familiar share is precious such as when a familiar is unwell, physically or mentally, theif pain is felt by their master. A familar‘s death can result in the death of spellbinder they we’re bound to, only the psychologically strong spellbinders can overcome the death of their familar.

The familiars have distinct golden pupils unlike there normal counterparts. All familars can transform into a yellow and magenta-like beaded necklace.

Familiars in... Tara Duncan: The Evil Empress (Animated)Edit

Tara Duncan - Gallant. A white pegasus with a greyish blue mane and tail.

Caliban “Cal” Dal Salan - Blondin. A orange and white fox.

Gloria “Sparrowl Daavil - Sheeba. A silver lioness.

Claire” Clara - (No name) A purple toned owl.

Familiars in... Tara Duncan (Novel) Edit

Familars that appeared in the novel but were not or could not featured in the animated series.

Fabrice - Barune. A blue mammoth.


Gallant (2)

Gallant, Tara's familiar

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