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The Manor

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The Manor disguises itself to Sandra and Livia.

The Manor is the home of Isabella, Manitou, Tara, Cal, and Sparrow, as well as the headquarters for the Alpha Team. It contains countless magic doorways and a library full of spell books. The Manor also serves as its own magical security system, being able to shut the gates and windows on its own, using vines and shrubbery in the garden to attack visitors it deems dangerous or of ill-intent, as well as forming a forcefield around any of its entrances.
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The Manor


  • The Manor, though capable of functioning on its own, mostly relies on the order of its mistress, Isabella.
  • The Manor is not a person, but can still be considered living. Countless villains and semchanachs have cast spells on it before to have the Manor infatuated with them or allow them in.
  • The Manor has a control panel in the library, behind the furnace that has a portrait of Isabella above it.
  • The Manor is the most used setting in Tara Duncan.


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