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Tara Duncan - The Mirror of Youth (FULL EPISODE 9)

Tara Duncan - The Mirror of Youth (FULL EPISODE 9)

Episode 9

Isabella forbids Tara from going to a Madney Speers concert, believing that Tara had been slacking off too much recently. An elf named Krislac attempts to get the Mirror of Youth from Isabella's bedroom, but Isabella catches him and has the Manor throw him out. However, in the process, Isabella happens to glance upon the mirror and is turned back to her seventeen year old self. Tara and the Alpha Team must find the mirror and turn Isabella back before Krislac can get his hands on it to turn himself into a younger and more powerful version of himself.

Meanwhile Cal, believing that he has lost his touch on the ladies, bets with Tara and Sparrow that he can still woo Madney Speers in an attempt to salvage his "ladies' man" reputation.


  • Tara: Who are you? What are you doing here?

  • Manitou: Isabella, is that you?
  • Tara: You know her?
  • Manitou: Of course I do. She's your grandmother.
  • Tara: What?
  • Young Isabella: Excuse me. Did that flea bag just call me a grandmother?

  • Manitou: Oh. It's a long story.

  • Manitou: Tara follow me we must get in our hands on the mirror.
  • Young Isabella: What are you planning to do in my room?

  • Manager: Hey, you! What are you think you're doing?


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