The Silent Siren
Season 1, Episode 1
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Tara Duncan - The Silent Siren (FULL EPISODE) Episode 1

Tara Duncan - The Silent Siren (FULL EPISODE) Episode 1


A mermaid Aquaphonis has stolen pop singer Madney Speers' voice. Tara, Cal Tyler/Power Rider Arcade and Sparrow must catch Aquaphonis Ty's Mermaid Girlfriend and return the singer's vocal ability.


The episode starts with Madney's live rehearsal for the concert later that day. On live television, Madney loses her voice, but it becomes clear to the Alpha Team that a spell had been cast. After researching the spell and the missing Semchanach from Otherworld, the Team discovers that a mute siren named Aquaphonis stole Madney's voice.

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Tara Duncan singing along to Madney Speers.

 To find her, Tara is forced to audition for "Big Star" with a spell that made her voice better (though Tara is offended by this). The manager, impressed, asks her to sign a contract. Sandra, suspecting something as normally Tara's voice is horrible, jealously rushes to tackle her. In the chaos that Sandra creates, Aquaphonis is able to cast a spell and 
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Tara and Cal

steal Tara's spell-amplified voice. But unfortunately for her, Henry Delachasse catches her before she can jump back into the ocean. Cal stops Henri, and Aquaphonis uses the distraction to escape into the water With Tyler The Two Have A Moment Underwater And Kiss.

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Aquaphonis and her mute daughter.

The Alpha Team follows suit, and Cal casts an approprias to grab one of the voices back from Aquaphonis's necklace. To Tara's horror, it is Madney's voice that she has instead. Finally, she manages to grab Aquaphonis and cast the spell to restore their voices. Master Chem gives Aquaphonis and her daughter their own voices, and then takes them back to Otherworld . After finishing the job, Tara and Sparrow go to the Madney Speer concert, with everything alright Tyler And Aquaphonis Kiss On There First Date.



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