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The "mythical" creatures that non-spells love to humor the idea of their existence. In reality, they are real. However, they seem to be in wolf form all the time, with the exception of Fabrice, who is a half-wolf.

Description Edit

Werewolves are dual-natured spellbinders, specifically a hybrid of human and wolf. Werewolves possess great physical strength but are as sentient and as intelligent as humans but their double nature as animal and human causes them difficulty. Because of this, they gather together to discuss their problems and issues.

Half-wolves are also welcome. Half-wolves are the lycanthropes of legends and movies; they can shift from human to wolf form. Half-wolves were once humans but a bite from a werewolf grants them the ability to shift from human into a werewolf form. The werewolf responsible for converting a human becomes known as their "brother in fang" and they form a bond like blood brothers.

Werewolves possess great strength but they fear silver; their only weakness. Silver is the only substance capable of killing a werewolf. However there is an enchanted cup called the cup of Invincibility. Any werewolf who drinks from the cup becomes immune to the effects of iron and thus invincible.

Physical Description Edit

Werewolves look just like wolves with four limbs, a tail and skin covered in grey fur(their fur may have slight hints of other colours). Their forelegs are actually arms with powerful muscles and claws. They possess the hind legs of wolves but theirs allow them to walk like humans. They have sparkling golden eyes with red slits for pupils. Werewolves can develop human characteristics like Mama Fretelly who had long white hair instead of grey hair like the fur on her skin.

Werewolf Abilities Edit

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Fabrice transforming

Werewolves are half spellbinder and can cast spells. The strength of their magic can vary from wolf to wolf.

Werewolves have the enhanced senses of wolves including an incredible sense of smell and hearing. Their eyes can also detect the tiniest trace of magic. They also have superhuman strength, agility and speed. Werewolves can leap high into the air.

Half-wolves can change into their two forms but it relies on their will rather than the full moon. In the blink of an eye, a half-wolf can transform from an ordinary human to full werewolf form. They can also gain a midform(between their human and werewolf forms) and only obtain a bit of fur instead of hair, fangs and wolf ears. Some werewolves may be capable of shifting into full wolf form(an ordinary wolf).

Known WerewolvesEdit

Appearances Edit

  • The Golden Scepter(cameo)
  • Brothers in Fang
  • The Volcan Heart
  • Clairevoyant(Fabrice)
  • The Cup of Invincibility
  • Boil, Bubble, Toil and Trouble(Fabrice)
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