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  • I live in Minnesota
  • I was born on April 8
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
  • StarlightMiri


    June 15, 2013 by StarlightMiri

    I am sharing some fanart

    I have a orginal character, her name is Anastacia and she is a classmate of Tara.

    The nextpic is my more rebellious Tara she wants to be a Rockstar, this took a long time to do and she is wearing Isabella's Hair also she is wearing contacts.

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  • StarlightMiri

    Reply to Kiyogirl

    June 14, 2013 by StarlightMiri

    Um I uploaded the Episode for you. Hope it works.

    I got you another video. You might see them asking for a password, the password is: tara duncan 

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  • StarlightMiri

    Community Blog

    June 6, 2013 by StarlightMiri

    Hi Its Miri and I want to introduce you to the Tara Duncan Fan Blog 

    If you would want to be a writer there, you need to email me at and there is contests, videos, that will be arrving soon.

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  • StarlightMiri


    2 weeks ago I contacted Kelly Metzger, the voice of Sparrow!

    I sent her this:

    From: Magda To: ""   Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 3:51:39 PM Subject: Tara Duncan 

    Hi Kelly,

    Do you know who the voice actors for Tara Duncan are? Can you list what character they play?

    One more question: Do you know if Tara Duncan will have a second season?


    Maggie   She replied with this:  

    Hi Maggie,

    I voiced Sparrow/Beast.  Saffron Henderson voiced Tara Duncan.  I don't know who voiced the other characters as we didn't work with the other actors.  The show was originally done in French and then we dubbed them in English.  In dubbing the actors record all their lines by themselves, while working with the director and sound engineer.  W…

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  • StarlightMiri

    Its been almost a year and I was ready to adopt the wikia, but Monster High1031 the founder of the wiki is back.

    I nearly took a double take when I saw the title of the post. But you can read the following;

    Hello Spell Binders! I just wanted to say that I'm back and I will be staying! Sorry for that short break! But,I still can't wait to see what has happened while I was gone!

    -Monster High1031

    So what do you think? I'm quite shocked, actually but I guess she is back.


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